X79T Ddr3 Pc Desktops Motherboard Lga 2011 Cpu Computer 4 Channel Gaming Support M.2 E5-2680V2 I7 Sata 3.0 Usb 3.0 For Intel B

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1. Front and rear, dual USB 3.0 interface design, high-speed connection RTL8111F Gigabit Network card, dual indicator design, stable and fast.

2. Four-channel memory, support common memory and ECC server memory, but can not be mixed at the same time.

3. Modular large heat dissipation power supply design, low temperature and high efficiency, multi-phase sharing, more stable, 8-phase power supply motherboard.

4. M.02 high-speed hard disk interface, convenient, high performance.

Colour: Black

Material: metal + PCB

Main Chipset: for Intel B75 or Q77

Network Card Chip: Integrated RTL8111F Gigabit Network Card

Audio chip: integrated six-channel sound effect chip


CPU Platform: for Intel

CPU slot LGA: 2011

CPU support quantity: 1pc

Memory type: DDR3 1866/1600/1333 MHz

Memory slot: 4xDDR3 DIMM

Expansion slot:

3xPCI-E X16 image card slot

1xPCI-E X2

2xUSB3.0 pins (1 group)

4x USB 2.0 pins (2 groups)

1xCOM interface

1xSATA3.0 interface

4xSATA2.0 Interface

1xNVME M.2 Interface

I/O interface:

PS/2 Interface PS/2 Key Mouse General Interface

1xRJ45 Network Interface (Gigabit Network Card)

2xUSB 3.0 Interface

6xUSB 2.0 Interface

1x audio interface

Other: one 8-pin power socket, one 24-pin power socket, eight-phase power supply mode

Size: about 28.3 x 22 x 4 cm/11.14×8.66×1.57 inch

Packing list:

1 pcs Desktops Motherboard

Only the above package content, other products are not included.

Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

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LGA 2011

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PCI-Express X16

Memory Type





Intel X79



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Hard Drive Interface


20 reviews for X79T Ddr3 Pc Desktops Motherboard Lga 2011 Cpu Computer 4 Channel Gaming Support M.2 E5-2680V2 I7 Sata 3.0 Usb 3.0 For Intel B

  1. A***K

    Came 20 days before obninsk, the seller pulled the shipment 5 days turned out about a month, started in the drain with e5 2620 without problems memory overclocked from 1333 to 1867, the size of the board is slightly smaller than the atx in general the board is satisfied and recommend the seller mount under the processor original under the lga 2011
    No mounting under frame for amd


  2. I***n

    Excellent motherboard. For a long time i dreamed of getting acquainted with hedt processors and thanks to the skillful chinese neighbors finally it was possible. Q77 chipset, version 1.03. There are no differences with more expensive juan. I personally collected a friend on it, did not notice differences, so there is no point in overpaying. There were no problems with drivers, i found everything myself and put everything, the operating system windows 7. the delivery time is normal, i regret that i did not pay for the delivery from aliexpress, but now it is no longer important, besides the mat fee arrived in excellent condition. The fastener was not, so i took from my friend, because it still does not need it, but they did not fit, the clips did not get up, i had to wiggle with bolts. In general, everything is right and everything corresponds to the description, and most importantly everything suits me. I recommend.

  3. a***m

    The motherboard came in a serviceable chipset q75, but later it turned out that it does not work sleep. Addressed the seller, presented the video. He himself offered to open a dispute in order to solve the problem. After opening a dispute with a request for compensation of thousands of rubles, he himself accepted this option without giving me extra nerve for which i can recommend this seller as responsible and fair. And this mother is most likely to sell and buy from him something with a working sleep

  4. D***a

    The motherboard arrived in the Czech Republic after about 15 days. Work with Xeon E5 2689, 16GB RAM 1600MHz and gtx 780Ti. Version 1.03, chipset Q77. Works without problems. Starts and stops without error. Temperature power cascade around 40 degrees Celsius with intel 2011 cooler. Slightly bent PCB corner. The power cascade coils occasionally make a slight, sparkling sound. Power mosfets are MDU1517 and MDU1514. A mix of Capxon and Njcon capacitors, some with bold text and others not. I recommend it seems a good product. I’ll see how long it will work 🙂

  5. n***h

    some of the ram slots were worryingly bent but they still worked

  6. D***v

    It was a month to moscow, sending was about 6 days
    Before the order specified whether there is an adapter for the cooler/tower in the kit, the seller said that-no. In the box, he still threw an adapter, additional sata cable and a plug with a mother.
    The box was in a rapid state, as if someone on the heels walked through it. The mother itself seems to be intact, on the back of the mother there are strong rubbing of unknown origin. I will check for efficiency. Sign off later.

  7. A***y

    Drove to peter about 26 days. Everything corresponds to the description. Started with e5 2650 v1 and with different bars of opera. Separate plus for fixing the cooling. Minus for packing, the post office did not spare the parcel.

  8. i***v

    26 days to st. petersburg, at the time of purchase 20.06.2019 the price was 4890r., 16.07.2019 have already been taken at the post office. Sleep does not work, bios without timings and overclocking cpu, need to sew, 4 boards came on b75 chipset and one on q77 chipset. Ordered 5 motherboards, after checking all revealed a defect in one on the b75 chipset, when the computer was turned off, the screen was turned off and everything, coolers remained to work and helped only long press the shutdown button on the system unit (on the board there is the same). Opened a dispute than all will end with a review. P.s. The battery was included.

  9. D***y

    The motherboard arrived quickly, it was not very well packed, the cardboard box, the motherboard in the package and a thin layer of the sealant, though the mail box and kicked, surprisingly the motherboard survived it, with 1 time startul with e5 2650 and immediately saw hard with preset windows and 16 gb ram, And one standard bar and one low-profile, each 8 gb, pci-e work, m2 did not check, postcard works, pleased with the presence of usb 3.0 and the ability to start the motherboard with the button on it, i did not like the sound of the speaker at the start, it hurts already it’s nervous, but this is a personal claim, the performance of the board does not affect, Under radiators there are thermogaskets, temperatures are all normal. As a result, if you are not going to disperse anything, you can safely take, received from the fee all that was expected, bought as a gift to a person who is engaged in graphic design in photoshop and illustrator, sometimes something does in ae, this configuration is ideal for such tasks

  10. A***v

    A little more than a month to stavropol! Packing about nothing! Crushed hard! Mother came surprisingly whole! On the board there are white traces of flux or something else! Long could not put win7! After a long dance set! Usb 3.0 works, firewood steel m2 and not get confused! I had to put wine 10! It started everything and earned immediately! Percent e5 2689 2х4gb 1866 2x channel without problems! The seller put a transitional frame and a battery bios! From the fact that i did not like the fact that the fee is very heated! Under radiators there are thermal pads!

  11. S***v

    I came in 23 days. Started without problems with e5 2640. For this price is an excellent motherboard.

  12. s***s

    While i do not know how it works, the box is very bad without a navel crumpled all, just a kashmar. I do not recommend the seller!

  13. B***a

    what a nice product

    good product when u flash the new bios, u can oc your cpu and ram better than default bios

  14. s***v

    Five stars in advance. We need to install windows. And so everything happened. After i add

  15. V***v

    Drove to dzerzhinsk for a month, came a bent and frayed angle… According to the configuration, everything is very bad… The box is terrible, the motherboard was almost naked (not counting the paralon that did not save her from the “post of russia”) but plus in karma the seller for an adapter for 2011 socket. Fortunately everything works without complaints and failures…

  16. A***v

    In general, everything works without complaints, the bios is not overclocked. I got a z77 chipset. Minus the score for the package: the fee was just in the box in the anti-static package. The box came crumpled, but even though the fee came (there was a small kotzik in the corner)

  17. S***e

    I bought this motherboard and did not regret it, came very quickly, in a cardboard box without a doll, the box was crumpled but the motherboard was intact. Also included was a sata cable and a plug on the case under the motherboard. The seller is very sociable and friendly, the best seller of which i have only seen on aliexpress. Very quickly answered questions and solved all problems with delivery. Motherboard started with xeon e5 2640, four channel works, all ports are also absolutely working. I advise everyone to buy this mother from this seller!

  18. AliExpress Shopper

    Got everything right like

  19. Y***v

    The package to krasnoyarsk was about a month, in the package the cardboard box was in bad condition and opened, but fortunately everything is in place without damage, the mounting bracket is not, ordered separately with the processor, how will i check in the work!

  20. A***v

    Works fine, flight normal, packaging terrible

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